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Here we catch up with a few stories about apprentices and trainees in the Heritage Engineering world...


Heritage Motoring & Vehicles

  • Zack Whyte

    Heritage Skills Academy

    When AJ Glew was contacted by Heritage Skills Academy asking if it would like to help with an apprentice, the company jumped at the chance, having had “many an engineer come through our doors not understanding how vintage and veteran cars work”. What better way, it thought, than to train the dying skills of mechanical engineering itself to an eager young apprentice...

  • Joe Mellor

    Activate Learning

    Since attending many vintage vehicle events such as The GoodWood Revival and Kop Hill climb at a young age with my father, I have been intrigued by the mechanisms and operating principles of historic cars, bikes and machinery. After finishing my AS levels at school, I wasn’t keen on the university path, so...

  • Emily Leese

    Heritage Skills Academy

    Classic car fanatic Emily, who has been a volunteer at the National Motor Museum since the age of 14, is starting a four-year apprenticeship which is being generously funded by a small group of Beaulieu One Hundred members....

  • Cosmo Galashan

    Activate Learning

    I have always found mans ability to achieve movement from materials mesmerising. I attended boarding school in rural Scotland, where I was told I had an aptitude for academia, but I knew I didn't have an appetite for it. I went to university to study mechanical engineering and I found this to be too much about abstract maths and not enough getting my hands dirty. So I left...

  • Bailey Bilton

    Heritage Skills Academy

    I didn’t really enjoy going to school and enrolled on a motor vehicle course at a local college. I completed this at level 1 but I wasn’t really into modern cars, I found the older cars far more interesting.

    I saw an apprenticeship scheme being advertised by a local Rolls Royce garage and decided to apply for it....

  • Lochlan Green

    Heritage Skills Academy

    When I was at school I wasn’t that sure about what I wanted to do, I’d always had an interest in cars and also engineering. I thought about sixth form or college, I also didn’t know much about apprenticeships until I spoke to my dad.

    An apprenticeship seemed like the way to go for me. It means I get paid for doing a job while I am learning to do it....

  • William Florey

    Heritage Skills Academy

    Before my apprenticeship I was at sixth form, studying A levels and at the time this was not what I particularly wanted to pursue, in particular the path to university. One of my teachers notified me of an up and coming apprenticeship scheme running with a Rolls Royce and Bentley garage (P&A Wood) not far from my house and school....

  • Eleanor Churchlow

    Heritage Skills Academy

    While I was at school I considered a career in Forensic Science, however this would have meant going to Uni, I didn’t want to have a debt before finding employment.

    A teacher who knew that I also had an interest in older cars showed me an advert for an Apprenticeship in Classic Vehicle Restoration...

  • Jay Lacey

    Heritage Skills Academy

    I found a position at P & A Wood, Rolls Royce and Bentley Dealers to do work experience while at school. I then worked there on Saturdays until I left school. I took my time to decide how I wanted my career to go, looking at other job roles or college courses.

    I decided that an apprenticeship would be my best option and knew already of the scheme at P&A Wood. I applied for this...


Heritage Steam

  • Jonathan Robinson

    Derwent Training Association
    North Yorkshire Moors Railway

    I'm a second year Fabrication and Welding Apprentice at North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) in Pickering. I find my job a fantastic experience and in the two years of being here it has taught me a variety of skills and experience that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. It has given me the best opportunity to evolve my career...


Heritage Marine

  • Francis Chichester

    Francis Chichester

    National Historic Ships UK

    Sir Francis Chichester, (born September 17, 1901, Barnstaple, Devon, England—died August 26, 1972, Plymouth, Devon), adventurer who in 1966–67 sailed around the world alone in a 55-foot sailing yacht, the “Gipsy Moth IV.”


Heritage Aviation

  • Tony Manero

    Tony Manero

    Jumbolair Aviation Estates

    Flying is oxygen to Manero, who once said that his acting funded his passion for aviation. He earned his private pilot’s license at age 22 and today owns several aircraft, including a Boeing 707-138 that was previously part of Qantas Airways’ fleet. His home is in Jumbolair Aviation Estates, a fly-in community at north central Florida’s private Greystone Airport. He has a taxiway right to his door, where he parks the 707.

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