Want to get a qualification in Heritage Engineering to start your career? Then read on to see details of vehicle restoration courses and qualifications you can achieve. We also list courses in steam and heritage marine.

Want some fun learning more about maintaining your classic car? Have a look through the classic car restoration and maintenance courses below...

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Diplomas and Short Training Courses


Beginners Introductions & Basic Level Skills

Bedford, Herts. MK44 2BZ

1-day & 2-day workshops.

This is your chance to learn in the workshops of RH Engineering where amazing vehicles are created.
Courses are offered for people with all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Courses relevant to heritage motoring & vehicles include:

- Classic car electrics (introduction for beginners).
- Classic car electrics (foundation for mechanics).
- Basic car maintenance (introduction for beginners).
- Basic car maintenance (foundation for more experienced enthusiasts).
- Understanding suspension geometry and handling.
- Basic welding and car body repair.
- Introduction to car painting and preparation.
- Track day car build and setup.

Care for your Classics Course

Bicester Heritage, Oxon. OX26 5HA

2-day weekend

Essential maintenance, keeping your classic in the good condition and preventing premature wear and cost. Learning what needs to be checked and replenished. How to check, how often to check and how to replenish. Did you know brake fluid and antifreeze age? If left the brakes may let you down or the antifreeze may cause engine damage!

This 2-day weekend course is ideal for those with some knowledge of their vehicle components and inspection standards.

• Oil and filter change. Using the right oil and filter types.
• Coolant. types of antifreeze. Drain and refill. Confirming thermostat operation.
• Brake fluid level check. Understand hygroscopic.
• Gear box oil level check, and types of oil.
• Differential oil level check and types of oil.
• Spark plugs removal and replacement. Checking the gap and cleaning.
• Plug leads checking and what to do if you forget the firing order!
• Contact breaker cleaning and replacing. Setting the gap.
• Checking the ignition timing
• Pushrod engine valve clearance check and adjust
• Distributor cap and rotor arm checking and inspecting. Looking for track lines, testing the rotor arm.
• Brakes remove and refit brake pads and brake shoes.
• Inline fuel filter fitting and replacement.
• Checking choke and throttle operation
• Adjusting idle speed.

Classic Car Restoration Evening Courses

Bicester Heritage, Oxon. OX26 5HA

10-week Evening Courses. 6pm – 9pm – Tuesday evenings

Heritage Skills Academy are delighted to offer its highly-popular evening classes. Taught by tutor Andy Kelly, the course objectives include:

- Fabrication of a Headlamp Panel
- Oxyacetylene welding.
- Metal finishing
- Safe use of Oxyacetylene
- Gas Brazing
- M.A.G (several different welding processes)
- Spot welder.
- Use of body filler
- To fabricate a sill section using fabrication equipment.

Extra tasks available once objectives are met to meet the needs of individuals.

"Excellent course and Andy has been a brilliant tutor. I am leaving the week with newfound skill and confidence to attempt things i never thought I would be able to do myself."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course and valued greatly the information and knowledge imparted to us by Andy Kelly who has years of experience in this field. It has given me the confidence and skills to tackle tasks that I would have paid others to complete in the past. I have also learnt about new technologies of which I was unaware and the best techniques to achieve good results"


The following providers run full-time college courses to help learners achieve Level 2 NVQ qualifications in Classic Vehicle Restoration.

From there, learners can progress to employment in the vehicle restoration industry or can embark on an apprenticeship with an employer.

The NVQs were developed by the Institute for the Motor Industry (I.M.I.) in collaboration with The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (F.B.H.V.C.).

Level 2 Classic Car Restoration

Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6BH

1 Year Full Time Diploma

This qualification is designed for individuals who are interested in the classic vehicle restoration industry. On completion, technicians will be able to practically demonstrate that they have the skills required to access work in the classic vehicle restoration industry and the knowledge required to support these skills.

This qualification has been developed by The IMI in conjunction with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, employers, training providers and the IMI Sector Skills Council.

Entry Requirements:
Entry requirements are 4 GCSE at Grade 3(D) or above, including English and Maths or progression from Level 1 or a relevant Level 1 qualification.

Level 2 Classic Vehicle Restoration Principles.

Cornwall College Cambourne TR15 3RD

1 Year Full Time Diploma

Vehicle restoration is a very specialist area, where demand for skilled technicians is high and salaries can be very rewarding. The skills are transferable to other sectors, so you could take your qualification and move into the boat painting industry, where you could work around the world.

To become a qualified technician you must complete the Level 1 and 2 qualifications. At Level 2 specialise in vehicle restoration body, paint and accident repair. We offer full Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) training to provide you with the best start in the workplace.

If you love restoring classic vehicles this course is ideal for you. This qualification contains a broad spectrum of units to allow you the flexibility to develop your knowledge and skills across a wide range of different disciplines including accident repair techniques. This qualification has been developed by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) in conjunction with the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Club, employers, training providers and IMI Sector Skills Councils.

Level 2 Classic Vehicle Restoration.

Blackbird Leys, Cuddesdon Way, Oxford, OX4 6HN

2 years full time Diploma

This course is designed to give you a broad base of knowledge and experience to prepare you for working within the industry and focuses on developing the particular skills and knowledge required for older ‘classic’ vehicles.

What I'll learn

This qualification contains many units to allow learners the flexibility to develop their knowledge and competence across a range of different disciplines. It also develops the learners' knowledge of the history and heritage of classic vehicles.

Following successful completion of this course, you can go on to an advanced apprenticeship in the industry, or gain employment using your new qualification.



Traineeships and Short Courses


Boiler & Engineering Skills Training Trust


BESTT is a partnership of steam heritage organisations representing railways, ships and traction engines and has developed a range of training courses on boiler repair, maintenance and the mechanical overhaul of steam engines.

In addition to short courses, the BESTT one year Mechanical Repair traineeship course, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund gives young people a 12 month intensive training in heritage engineering including paid placements at relevant employers and learning modules at Keighley and York colleges.


Boiler Washout & Examination short course

Various locations.

Short Course.

This course is suitable for novices and candidates with no previous practical washout and inspection experience. Topics covered includes removal of plugs and doors, inspection and boxing up, including practical tests.

All techniques are cross referenced to BESTT module RHG1 and BCoP guidance note HGR-B9155.

Riveting short course

Various locations.

Short Course.

Riveting is a core skill in steam boiler repair. There is a shortage of skilled riveters and an increasing requirement for locomotive and repair workshops to be able to demonstrate that they have people with the right skills.

The Riveter Qualification Course, based on the BESTT syllabus and Heritage Railway Association Boiler Code of Practice covers types of rivet, rivet holes, rivet heads, length calculation, heating rivets, hydraulic riveting, safety, use of pneumatic tools and other aspects.




Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering

Harkers Yard, Brightlingsea, Essex

24 months full time

You will work alongside shipwrights to learn and develop woodwork skills. Whilst most of the projects in the yard are centred on traditional wooden boats, apprentices are also given the opportunity to work using modern techniques, which equips you with relevant skills needed for employment in the modern marine industries.

You will work towards the Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering, comprising of a NVQ level 3 qualification in Marine Engineering and City and Guilds 2451 course in yacht building and repairs.

The apprenticeship programme lasts approximately 24 months and provides you with the valuable knowledge needed to carry out safe practices at work, understand the marine industry and ultimately make you more employable.

You are also encouraged to sail aboard Pioneer in the summer. Sailing is a valuable experience and will definitely ignite a passion in you for boats and the water.

Through the combined experience of boat work, theory and sailing, Pioneer gives learners an enriched and unique experience, which you can take with you into the next steps in your life.

Historic Vessel Conservation

Distance Learning.

Distance Learning - min 6 months, max 3 years

National Historic Ships UK are pleased to offer a qualification in Historic Vessel Conservation. This course is unique in addressing the specialist knowledge needed to understand a historic vessel project. It establishes a national standard, ensuring that conservation work being carried out on these craft follows recognised guidelines.

During the course you will gain a real understanding of different approaches, terminology, standards and outcomes and put these into practise.

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