Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club Great Western Section Apprenticeship Awards

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club Great Western Section Apprenticeship Awards

The RREC Great Western Section program supports and encourages young apprentice engineers working in the field of restoration and maintenance of vintage and classic cars.

Presented to
RREC Classic Car Apprentices Awards 2019
Zack Whyte
RREC Classic Car Apprentices Awards 2019
Simon Pickering
RREC Silver Award 2017
Rebel Errat-Camp
RREC Premier Award 2017
Samuel McClintock
RREC Encouragement Award 2017
Lloyd Saunders
RREC Silver Award 2017
Cameron Stinton

The purpose of the scheme is two fold:-

To encourage companies in the classic vehicle industry to train apprentices to acquire craft skills. The skills we recognise relate to the renovation & the manufacture of replacement parts for vintage and classic vehicles.

To reward and recognise the achievement and progress of apprentices with relevant useful prizes.

The program was lead by Russ Herbert and supported by Keith Taylor and John Ball who formed the interview panel.

The apprentices chose their own prizes, a selection of tools and instruments, that were sponsored by the club and their employer.


Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club - Great Western Section

The Great Western Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club is named after Brunel’s railway and shipbuilding that brought wealth and prosperity, mobility and trade to the West Country. Any RREC Member is welcome to join our Section and there is no additional fee for doing so. We support the Section's activities by adding a small admin fee to the cost of our events.

The Club is the second youngest Section in the United Kingdom; it was formed in 1986 and celebrates its 34th anniversary in 2020

The Section covers an area from South Gloucestershire to Mid Somerset and from the Welsh Border across to the outskirts of Swindon.

The Section runs a wide range of events throughout the year and provides members with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of and discuss their cherished cars as well as to visit places of interest and meet like-minded people. We welcome members and their families from all Sections of the Club and hope you will join us at some of our Events, details of which appear in the "Events" section of this website.