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An energised Greg Holmes of Lunaz Design crowned M.M.O.C. Apprentice of the Year 2020.

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

When the Morris Minor Owners Club was formed to cater for the 1.6 million "loveable jelly-moulds" which were built between 1948 and 1971, few would have imagined that the trusty old A-series engine, world-renowned for its simplicity and robustness would one day be being replaced by a battery.

As the recent government announcement made clear, all new petrol and diesel-powered cars are to be phased-out by 2030 in England & Wales.

In a strong nod to the future, the directors of the M.M.O.C. have chosen this year's recipient of the Apprentice of the Year award to be Greg Holmes of EV conversion specialists Lunaz Design.

Greg spends his days converting classic cars to Lithium-ion powered electric vehicles. His employer, Lunaz Design do rather more than just sling Halfords batteries into Classic Cars. As Jon Hilton, Managing Director & Technical Lead explains:

"Our process starts with an exhaustive restoration, down to the bare metal. Every car is weighed to the gram and laser scanned to ensure technical perfection at every stage of the process. Traditional coach-building and restoration skills are married to cutting edge manufacturing techniques to create cars that combine classic aesthetics with the usability and reliability of their modern equivalent.".

Greg's Training Provider, the Heritage Skills Academy explains why Greg was the lucky recipient…..

Greg Holmes has consistently produced good work both in the classroom and workshop and whilst on online tuition has completed all of his assigned modules. He is a popular apprentice within the group and is always enthusiastic when working on his own or in groups. Greg has recently changed employers, he is well regarded by his colleagues and is now combining his mechanical skills with new electric technologies at Lunaz Design within the ever-changing world of classic vehicles.

Due to the nature of all apprentices working online, the Heritage Skills Academy have been unable to present him with his award, however when some normality returns and they can get back on site, this can take place.

But Greg is not the only electric apprentice studying at the Heritage Skills Academy.

Jake Geraghty is employed at another EV conversion specialist - Electrogenic in Oxfordshire. Here Jake explains what he loves about his apprenticeship there:

And employer, Steve Drummond of Electrogenic tells us more...

In the words of Steve, the company's mission is "Saving the planet, one car at a time."

At this rate, it won't be that much longer before you witness many a loveable jelly-mould silently passing you on the M40, thanks to apprentices like Greg and Jake!

About the Morris Minor Owners Club:

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