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Apprentices to restore Lancia Service Van at In-Comm Training in Shropshire.

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

The Lancia Motor Club has kindly donated a Lancia Jolly ex works van, from Switzerland to the apprentices at In-Comm Training in Shropshire.

In-Comm has recently started running the Heritage Technician Apprenticeship, aimed at the vintage and classic automotive industries.   The Jolly van is in fact GB registered and complete, but in a bit of a state, and not running. The In-Comm apprentices will restore it as part of their course.

This van is well known in the club having been owned by several venerable members before it went to Switzerland only to be lost for a while.

For more information contact:

Lancia Motor Club Tim


In-Comm Training Manager Stuart Blakemore


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