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The importance of apprenticeships in the classic car industry

Akash Cheeda from Marc Brunel Recruitment, a leading specialist in the sector tells us what's going on in the employment market.

Throughout the past 18 months, peoples’ careers across industries have shifted hugely. Be it widespread furloughs, entire sectors shutting down or priorities changing — many decided to retrain altogether.

Here we’ll look at those who made the choice to ‘go back to school’ as classic car specialists and the importance of the many apprenticeship schemes that are available.

Firstly, let’s examine why so many are deciding to retrain and enter the classic car industry. It’s safe to say that the past year and a half hasn’t been the easiest, and with so much time spent at home throughout the various lockdowns, people eventually pick up new hobbies. For many car enthusiasts, this meant buying, restoring and tinkering with classic and vintage cars. With searches for classic and collector cars for sale higher than ever, the industry has had an unexpected boost not only in terms of interest, but also in terms of needing skilled and talented individuals to fill those job roles.

So, why are apprenticeships so important in the world of classic and collector cars? As the years go on, the classic and vintage car experts of all corners of the industry are beginning to retire after decades of work — and there’s a need for talented and driven younger people to fill those roles and become the next set of experts. Some would say that we’re losing the mastery behind classic car restoration, but fear not — courses offered by the Heritage Skills Academy (HSA) for example, allow people to be fully trained and eventually qualify as apprentices. HSA is based at the famed Bicester Heritage, and its brilliantly accessible courses give people the skills and qualifications they need to pursue their dream careers in the classic car industry.

It’s organisations like the Heritage Skills Academy that are so crucial to not only teaching younger generations the proper skills but also with electric cars beginning to take over the spotlight, guaranteeing the future of classic cars as we know it.

Here at Marc Brunel Recruitment, we’re passionate about ensuring young people have the tools they need to enter the classic car industry, and we’re happy to know that every year more and more individuals are applying for the HSA and other similar apprenticeship programs. We’re constantly on the hunt for new and exciting positions not only for up-and-coming individuals, but also already skilled and talented people looking to improve their craft in the brilliant world of classic cars. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can help you find that dream automotive career.

- Akash Cheeda


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