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Training the next generation – Heritage Skills Academy | Tyrrell's Classic Workshop

Well-known YouTube influencer and renowned Lamborghini Miura authority, Iain Tyrrell, visits the apprentices learning heritage engineering skills in coach-building and old-school mechanical.

Viewers were enthusiastic:

"Wonderful Iain! Great to actually see a whole new generation learning these vital skills. Grace and all her colleagues doing superb work! "

"Inspiring! So glad you made this video Iain, it’s always been clear from the way you do things you care about the handing down of skills and great to see what’s happening at Brooklands."

"Well done, Iain!... Amazing Grace! Awesome to see the heritage skills being nurtured and bought back to a younger generation to ensure a future of the key skills. It's rewarding and a very well-paid career choice. Everyone, if you liked this, please spread the word and share this video please!"


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