If you are interested in studying to acquire heritage engineering skills, or already have skills which you'd like to develop . . .

HEA works alongside 4,000 trade specialists, museums and institutions, creating highly-skilled personnel for the conservation, restoration and maintenance of the 1,039,950+ heritage vehicles on land, water and air in the UK.

If you are experiencing skills shortages (or anticipate them in future), and are able to offer an apprentice place, we can connect you with suitable candidates ready and eager to learn and show you the specialist training providers that will help you train them.


Take a look at what's been going on recently with HEA and see how employers and apprentices are linking up nationwide to close the heritage engineering skills gap.


If you are a training provider with an interest in developing a suitable course, or are already providing training for heritage engineering skills, we can help you find students, connect you with employers and link you with specialist centres of excellence with whom you can partner to deliver.